Basics of MongoHQ

MongoHQ Plans

MongoHQ offers two tiers of hosted databases:

  • Elastic Deployments are high-availability replica sets which scale at $18 / GB and are available in multiple regions and data center providers.
  • Dedicated Servers are AWS instances dedicated to a single customer. These deployments are benenficial for customers who have unique performance requirements or seek dedicated hosts for compliance reasons. They can be single servers or multi-member replica sets.

Basics of MongoHQ

MongoHQ is a platform for MongoDB hosting. Built on the cloud, our goal is to create a data layer that you, as a developer, can easily connect to your applications, allowing you to focus on your code instead of worrying about running your database. Our continuing goal is to be the best data platform in the world.

Why did you build MongoHQ?

Simply put, we built MongoHQ because we love MongoDB as a technology and we needed a platform that made it easy and reliable to use on the web in the applications that we were developing. Our initial goal was to make our lives easier and to allow us to get back to what we wanted to do… consult and build products. Now we want to extend that benefit to you with a fast and reliable cloud data hosting platform.

We released MongoHQ into beta in February of 2009 and have been growing the product and company since then. It has been a fun journey and we have learned much. Using MongoHQ for your MongoDB hosting allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experience that our team has gained from MongoDB implementations large and small.

Our Promise

We have a deep desire to make developers happy. That comes in the form of a positive user experience as well as a product and service that you can trust. We help you sleep better at night. If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience on our platform, please let us know and we will refund your monthly charges.

The Community

People often ask us what makes MongoDB so special… the first answer that always comes to mind is the community that has grown up around the technology. We want to see that community continue to flourish and it is only by providing you with a solid experience mixed with the best tools available that we can accomplish that. We are excited to have you using our platform for MongoDB hosting!