Terms of Service

Terms of Service


For the full extent of this document/policy, when the term (“Service”) or (“Services”) is used, it is directly referring to the database hosting and all related services that are provided by MongoHQ, Inc.


By using this Service you are deemed to accept the validity of and be bound by the Terms of Service as stated herein without modification.

Limited Warranties

Except as specified in these Terms, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, the Service provided by MongoHQ, Inc. is provided “as is” without any kind of warranty. Except as specified in these Terms, we are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damage, or consequential damage related to your use of the Service, or inaccessibility of the Service whether from errors or omissions in the content of this Service or any other linked sites or for any other reason. Use of this Service is at your own risk. MongoHQ, Inc. does not represent or warrant that the Site, its servers or any linked sites are free of any harmful materials.

Maximum Liability

Except as specified in these Terms, the maximum liability of MongoHQ, Inc. is the amount paid to MongoHQ, Inc. by the customer within the last six months of MongoHQ, Inc. offering the Service to the customer. This is an aggregate limit and the existence of more than one claim shall not enlarge the limit. The customer acknowledges that the foregoing limitations of liability are an essential part of this agreement and absent such limitations, MongoHQ, Inc. would not provide these Services to the customer or enter into this agreement.


The Terms of Service take precedence over any conflicting material on the Service.


The user agrees to indemnify and hold MongoHQ, Inc., its directors, officers and employees, harmless from any claim, demand, or damage, including legal fees, asserted by any third party due to or arising out of the user’s use of or conduct on the Site.

Modification to Terms

MongoHQ, Inc. reserves the right to change the Terms or policies regarding the use of the Site at any time and to notify you by updating the Service.


If any part of the Terms or the Site’s Disclaimer cannot be enforced for any reason, this decision will not affect the validity of the remainder of the Terms and Disclaimer which will continue to be in full force and effect.

The look and feel of the Site is copyright ©2009-2014 MongoHQ, Inc. All rights reserved. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the HTML/CSS or visual design elements without express written permission from MongoHQ, Inc.

Playing Nice With Others

MongoHQ offers some shared services, and we feel that one of our prime objectives is to offer the best service possible to all our customers. Therefore, if at any time we discover that a MongoHQ customer is, based on our sole expertise, degrading the quality of our service by performing any number of actions that consume too many MongoHQ resources on shared infrastructure, our team reserves the right to find a reasonable method for allowing the customer to continue to use MongoHQ services. If, in the event that, based on the sole expertise of MongoHQ, Inc., a reasonable method cannot be established, MongoHQ, Inc. reserves the right to assist the customer in finding other means of hosting their data or otherwise ending the relationship between the customer and MongoHQ, Inc.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering the functionality or design of MongoHQ.com (and any associated properties) is not permitted.